Our journey makes us who we are

Distance is necessary to gain perspective.

Blue is a color related to integrity, professionalism and trust.

ANQAS means blue in Quechua and it reminds us at every step that we take the importance of our perspective and values.

ANQAS is reflected in who we are, how they see us and what we aspire to.

We are a network of multidisciplinary, flexible, listening and trained expert collaborators.

We are inspired by success stories and are constantly updated.

After more than 15 years working as a fundraiser in organisations such as Doctors of the World, the Exit Foundation and Madrid Puerta Abierta (‘Open Door Madrid’), I have decided to provide my expertise from another perspective.

I believe in the need to look outwards, towards other cities, other countries and other continents. I believe in learning from others.

I believe in the need for another approach to philanthropy and fundraising, creating multidisciplinary teams according to the needs of each moment, each donor and each organisation.