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I met Vanessa while she was working at Fundación Exit. Vanessa has a deep understanding of the social issues and systems which she seeks to tackle. I have learned a lot from Vanessa – she does not merely tell you what you want to hear, but educates you so that, together, you can make more informed decisions. She is a humble, responsive and hard-working professional, who adapts well. One can only benefit from working with her!

Agathe BourgonExperienced philanthropy professional

Professionalism, involvement, commitment and closeness. At Fundación Acorde we value very positively the results obtained after the collaboration with ANQAS. We know our areas for improvement, our needs and our capabilities. We have a clear strategy associated with a realistic work plan and monitoring tools. We know what people and what resources are going to be used to promote the sustainability of the entity. Likewise, the Manifesto and the Narrative Identity Manual have allowed us to unify the discourse of the entity both externally and internally and promote cohesion and internal participation, beyond merely technical processes. We consider, therefore, that what we hoped to obtain from this collaboration has been achieved and that although there is a very long road of change and adaptation of the entity to this new reality, we are in a position to go through it.

Damián GonzálezPresident of Acorde Foundation