63 | Our work in 2021 and much more…

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Today, Wednesday January 12, this number is different. We want to share with you how our first year of work was and thank you for being here. We hope you like it.

2021: our first year of work on an infographic

Here is the summary of ANQAS ‘first year of work: where and with whom we have worked, what services we have provided and how we have offset our CO2 emissions. In addition, below, you will find answers to questions that may arise after reading it.

Why Peru, UK and Spain?

Today, technology allows us to go anywhere with an internet connection. Our methodology is adapted to both online work and face-to-face work, which allows us to cross borders. We work together with local experts to analyze the reality of each country, each region, in order to align ourselves with the specificities of each territory. In 2021 it was these 3 countries. In 2022, there may be more…

Why a network of collaborators? Why THESE collaborators?

We create teams tailored to each client, for each project. Our collaborators complement each other and have a common vision: to offer simple, practical and easily applicable solutions. We believe in networking, in the sum of different approaches and we apply it in our day to day.

Why a weekly newsletter with external links?

To continue expanding look. This newsletter wants to bring you news, reports, calls, etc. to help you look beyond what we already know. Because it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel every day, but it is good to know how they are manufactured, used or recycled. Here. And beyond.

What do ANQAS clients think of the work carried out?

Thanks to our satisfaction surveys, we know that 100% of our clients would recommend us to another organization. They value the patience, proactivity, adaptability and experience of our team. They believe that the result of the work is adapted to the profile of their organization; it will be applicable in your day to day; and it will help them achieve their goals.

Until next Wednesday!