47 | Impact measurement, fundraising trends and much more…

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Today, Wednesday, September 22, this is our selection of links that we hope may be of use to you.

Impact measurement, what are we talking about exactly?

Impact measurement is becoming increasingly present in our conversations, but what are we really talking about? What is it for? Find the answers in this article by Ship2B and discover ways to use impact measurement in your organization.

Have you heard about these Fundraising trends for 2022?

In this period of transition from virtual to personal, great opportunities for fundraising are beginning to emerge. From hybrid events to the potential of TikTok, learn about some of the trends that will help you prepare your Fundraising strategy for the next year.

These countries are protecting the most important resource

These innovations in water sanitation have enabled access to safe drinking water in various African countries. Find out how old and new technologies are combined to take advantage of every drop.

X Call for Aid to Social Projects in Spain

The Mutua Madrileña Foundation has opened its tenth call to finance NGO projects on gender, disability and much more. A fund of one million euros will be allocated to the winning projects. Submit yours before October 5!

Urbanism and sustainability in the post-pandemic

This article explains the problems in urban sustainability that have arisen, as a result of the pandemic, due to changes in large cities. Although cities have opened up more spaces for people, there is a B-side that cannot be overlooked.

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