43 | Child labor, responsible consumption and much more…

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For today, Wednesday, August 25, this is our selection of links that we hope may be of use to you.

Call: Protect and promote children’s rights

The EU has launched this call with the aim of knowing the effects of the pandemic on children. In addition, they seek to finance projects that remedy these effects through programs aimed at improving the lives of children. You can present your project until September 7.

Child labor: 2020 global estimates

This report by the ILO and UNICEF takes stock of the global fight to end child labor. Check it out to find out how the pandemic has slowed progress against child labor and where we should aim to keep moving forward.

Donors in the fight against child labor

The Global March Against Child Labor organization has published a list of donors in the fight against child labor. If you are looking for funding for your projects against child labor, don’t miss out on consulting this useful tool.

We are also part of the problem

P.J. Tobia, producer and international reporter, explains in this talk how we are contributing to child labor through our consumption. Based on this enlightening truth, he calls for more conscientious and responsible consumers when making purchases.

Skills Transfer: Child Labor?

In this article, Dr. Elizabeth Sibale, a global impact consultant, raises an interesting debate about where the boundaries lie between what is considered child labor and the transfer of life skills, taking into account the local context. Do not miss it.

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