41 | Human rights, democracy, financing and much more…

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For today, Wednesday, August 11, this is our selection of links that we hope may be of use to you.

Emergency financing for your work in Human Rights

This directory published by the International Human Rights Funders Group shares with you a number of donors who could fund your work on human rights, from political rights to LGBTIQ + rights and women’s rights.

The road to safety in the most insecure countries

In this insightful talk, Democracies Expert Rachel Kleinfeld explains how many of the most insecure countries are actually democracies and reminds us of the power of voters as a necessary force for change towards better policies that solve current problems in society.

Open Society Foundation Latin America Program

This program seeks to address issues of rights and governance by supporting projects that aim to defend democracy, increase government transparency, protect minority rights, and much more. Find out how to present your project here.

How to explain Human Rights

In this article, Amnesty International gives us the answers to 10 simple questions about Human Rights. With these answers, you can delve into topics that address these rights and the challenges we must face to protect them.

The alarming report on democracies in 2020

The latest Freedom House report sheds light on a very worrying trend in democracies since 2020. Learn about the main threats to people’s freedoms.

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