35 | Educating in philanthropy, defining your purpose and much more…

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For today, Wednesday, June 30, this is our selection of links that we hope may be of use to you.

UN Human Trafficking Victims Fund

This call wants to provide financial support to NGOs that provide direct assistance to victims of human trafficking. Projects will be financed with up to USD60,000. Application submission deadline: July 9.

Philanthropy education: get to know the Valdry Center for Philanthropy

The Valdry Center for Philanthropy works to promote philanthropy education. This approach emphasizes immersive real-life experiences and applies what he learns to the challenges of his local community. A model to follow.

Gabon: a success story in forest conservation

Gabon has just received USD17 million from CAFI (Central African Forest Initiative – UN) thanks to the impact of its policies to reduce CO2 emissions through the protection of forests. A first success on the continent that will surely inspire more.

What is the purpose of your organization?

If you want to take your organization towards a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable model, also increasing productivity, this article tells you why and how defining your purpose helps you achieve it. Do not miss it.

ToDo or not ToDo, it should no longer be the question

To be more productive, it is essential to be able to visualize and prioritize your tasks. This technique organizes the pending tasks in a matrix divided by more or less important tasks, and in turn, in more or less urgent ones. A simple solution that can change the way you work.

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