31 | Gender equality, storytelling and much more…

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For today, Wednesday, June 2, this is our selection of links that we hope may be of use to you.

Call: DWFF Acceleration Portfolio

DWFF will invest in 30 African NGOs that are deeply rooted in their communities, have entrepreneurial leadership and the ambition to grow their impact. Selected organizations will be funded with up to $ 25,000. Applications until August 1.

Do you know how many assets philanthropy really moves globally?

According to an OECD calculation, philanthropy has become an engine that represents up to 5% of world GDP. This interesting article by La Vanguardia develops this phenomenon and the reasons behind the increase in philanthropic investments in recent years.

If you are looking to close the gender gap, this webinar interests you

This June 3 at 5:00 p.m. Madrid will take place the virtual launch of the Ilu Toolbox. This brand new resource will help you incorporate gender strategies to close the gender gap and generate more income in your organization. Sign up!

Storytelling, a key skill when introducing yourself

An effective and emotional narrative is one of the most important tools to consider in your fundraising strategy. Discover how you can improve your organization’s storytelling and boost fundraising through this practical guide.

Are you working harder than you should?

One of the consequences of teleworking is the blurring of working hours, and according to the WHO, many workers are increasingly connected. This New York Times article reminds us of the importance of taking a step back and taking the breaks we often forget.

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