25 | Education research, racial inequality and much more…

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For today, Wednesday April 21, this is our selection of links that we hope may be of use to you.

Racial Equity Special Research Grant
The Spencer Foundation seeks to fund studies that aim to understand and disrupt the reproduction and deepening of racial inequality in education. Projects with budgets of up to USD 75,000 will be financed. Applications until April 30.

Climate change is more evident than you think
Google Earth exposes the effects of climate change and environmental damage through a timelapse video. Thanks to this tool you will be able to share real images of the environmental crisis to your donors and allies in the fight against climate change.

Donating € 15 only costs € 4
If you have donated to an NGO in 2020, you can deduct part of the amount if you live in Spain. For donations to foundations or associations declared public utility, the deduction percentage varies from 35% to 80%.

Do you think development of COVID 19 vaccines is based on equality?
The pandemic has given the scientific community the opportunity to rethink how they relate to communities of different ethnicities. Dr. Stephaun Wallace has spent the last year helping make COVID-19 vaccines effective for all types of people.

If you are thinking of renewing your brand, take a look at this link
Maybe it’s time for a change. This article proposes six graphic design trends to try in 2021. These tips may be what you need to make your brand more attractive to clients and investors.

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