20 | Virtuality and fundraising, challenges for 2021 and much more…

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For today, Wednesday, March 17, this is our selection of links that we hope may be of use to you.

Guide to virtual fundraising events

NGO fundraising events have begun to take place in a virtual context. This small guide details what must be taken into account to carry out a virtual event in 2021.

Sustainability challenges for the fishing industry

The second Ocean Innovation Challenge (OIC) of the United Nations challenges organizations to combat overfishing and develop solutions for a more sustainable model. The selected projects will be able to request from 50,000 to 250,000 USD. Application deadline on May 29.

If you work on women’s rights, this guide is for you

This practical guide was designed especially for first-time fundraisers. It presents key ideas for financing women’s rights work in today’s global political and economic context.

Andalusia announces the V Premios de Medio Ambiente 2021

These awards seek to publicly recognize the environmental work of natural or legal persons who have contributed in a notorious way to the conservation, protection and spreading of environmental values ​​in the Andalusian Autonomous Community. Application deadline on April 26.

Mental health in the pandemic. How do we approach it?

You may also be experiencing this in your organization. Human resources experts agree that there has been a clear worsening in the emotional state of the workforce due to the pandemic. This article details how some companies are approaching it. 

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