04 | Past, present, future and more

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For today, Wednesday, November 25, this is our selection of links that we hope can be of use to you 🥰


Why you should be informed about the stone age?
If you want to know, watch this interview with the historian and philosopher Yuval Noah Harari, author of the bestseller ‘Sapiens’, because “to understand practically anything you have to look back”


A world under construction: present and future
The interview with Harari is one of the debates of the Telos 2020 Forum of Fundación Telefónica. This year prominent thinkers reflect on what happened in 2020 and look to the future. Do not miss it.


What’s Next – Reports, Trends and Opportunities
Innuba has compiled more than 100 reports to seek clues and inspiration on post-COVID scenarios and have produced their own reflections providing context, signs of change, and potential opportunities. Do not stop visiting their website.


Do you know what emotions the color of your brand or campaign transmits?
ANQAS means blue in Quechua. Blue is a color related to integrity, professionalism and trust. And you? Do you know what the color of your brand or campaign conveys? Check it out here.


Do you feel that telework weighs you down? Do you miss the office?
This article gives you 5 tips to stay motivated while working at home.


Read you next Wednesday!